Why I Chose Solar Now

Having been engaged in energy efficiency conversations for many years, I was excited when my client Bramante Homes partnered with Sigora Solar to add a solar panel system to their Parade of Homes model last year in Old Trail. After gaining a solid understanding of the cost vs. benefit, I was quickly convinced of solar’s value and added solar panels to my home in Old Trail. I couldn’t be happier about my decision and I continue to be excited when other’s express interest in this topic.

Here are a few basic reasons I chose solar:

1. The cost of electricity is known to be trending upward. I have essentially pre-purchased power at today’s rate.

2. There are two sources of income. The electricity the panels produce and the sale of renewable energy credits.

3. I believe energy efficiency improvements add value to our homes and will only get better in the future. Here is the    latest from the Appraisal Institute on this topic as it pertains to solar panels on our homes.

4. It makes me feel good to see my power bill reduced each month.

Our homes are an important part of our lives. Understanding how they operate and they can make us more comfortable, as well less costly to operate, adds values in ways people (like me) don’t understand until they experience it.

Sigora Solar will be in Old Trail on Sunday May 31st for an opportunity to learn more on this topic. www.solartrail.com.