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Build your dream home for the best possible value because my friends will treat you like family.

BUILDING YOU DREAM HOME MAY SOUND OVERWHELMING, BUT MANY OF MY CLIENTS DISCOVER IT’S THE MOST COST-EFFECTIVE WAY TO LIVE IN THEIR IDEAL HOMES AND NEIGHBORHOODS. I’ve worked very hard to develop one of the strongest professional networks in our area because I know how valuable local relationships are to my clients. When we work together, you’ll maximize the short- and long-term value of your home. I’ll lead you through a long-view market assessment for strategic home planning and give you the keys to my personal relationships with builders, developers and service providers.


Negotiate and win


Pick the perfect details


Benefit from a builder's perspective


Choose the right builder

Imagine you were going to buy a new car and you can get the guy who works at the dealership across the street to negotiate the price for you. That’s my approach, and it works.

I have extensive experience in new construction, and I have worked with many builders and developers over the years. I continue to offer my insight as it pertains to new community marketing and sales, and as a result, my network of service providers help my clients. What’s more, my knowledge of the personality and business models of the top six builders guides my advice on what to ask for.

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(Including your new community). You may know exactly what wall colors you want in your new home, and I’ll help you extend your good taste throughout the building process. Each builder in town has his or her own unique strengths, and I’ll share who is focused what, like exteriors versus energy efficiency.

You discover the fiber of every community when I provide the backstory. Since I’m often a part of communities from before the roads exist until after the last home is sold, I can tell you exactly what to expect in terms of look, style, and character.

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or help you choose a builder (434) 981-6655

I often explain to realtors that the reason you want to understand the background for new construction is because it’s the context for the market. The builders set the market in a lot of ways. It’s like if you’re buying a new car versus a used car. You’d want to know the market value of a new car in order to understand the true value of a used one.

Even if I’m working with a buyer who hasn’t gotten to the point of wanting to build, the showing of resales and drawing the comparison to what those homes are worth is instructive.

I take a long-term value consideration to what new construction dollars can buy in terms of lot size, energy efficiency, and so on. My knowledge of new construction puts the context there.

There’s a level of experience to understanding the different kinds of financing. Choosing the right builder, making sure you understand the business of the builder model, and their reputation for completing homes on time and follow up, that all counts.

I help people understand the process and the terminology. I have the ability to speak the builders’ language and give them what they need. Knowledge is power. I always tell my clients that the reason why we jump through all these hoops before we sign a contract is to set expectations and make them clearly outlined. It’s a way to mitigate the risks of misunderstanding and conflicts.

When they pick a plan and a price point—where does that fit into the market from a value perspective? That way you make sure you’re not spending too much on a long-term investment.

I can also help them make choices that might impact resale value. If you don’t feel strongly about x or y, let’s look out 10 years and see what makes more sense according to trends in the market.

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I focus on long-term values. The brand you choose to build with stays with you when you choose to sell. So unless you plan to live in your home for 40 years, you want to pick a builder that has a good brand in the marketplace.

Different builders have different business models. At one end of the spectrum you have builders that build 1-5 homes every year, and they’re going to be there every day. So the only person you work with is the principle. Om the other end of the spectrum is building with someone who producing 70, 80, 100 homes a year, and they have employees who handle all the different roles that a builder has to play in a relationship. So instead of having direct contact with the builder, maybe you talk to an admin person for selection or warrantee. The roles are divided and the process feels different.

There’s no right or wrong, but you need to choose what works for you. Overwhelmed by decision making? Choose the right process, a builder who offers just a few floor plans and breaks customization up into choices about lighting, floor plans, and plumbing instead of months and months of meetings. There’s a different level of customization and work required from different types of purchases, and I help them understand those differences fit their needs.

Contact me to find out how I can help you build your dream home
or help you choose a builder (434) 981-6655