Marketing Reach

As we head into the Spring Market, I am a little surprised by how busy things already are this year. I find that posting on this blog and social media sharing are the first activities that fall by the wayside. Clients come first. However, these past two days have been derailed by the snow and I find myself gettting caught up.

I have been working with more homeowners of late to help them sell their homes. I don’t just sell new homes. Often I am asked how my builder relationship will impact my ability to serve my seller clients. I let them know that my builder relationship puts me in front of many agents and many prospective purchasers.  I answer my phone. I return calls. I respond to inquiries as quickly as possible. Why? Because you never know what each opportunity could become. You never know when someone inquiring about “x” ends up interested in “y”.

I recently started sharing how much exposure online I have due to my listing portfolio. I have on average 75 listings advertised on a variety of search engines. Most of these are proposed homes that have not been built, but they give me exposure nonetheless. Significant exposure.

Let’s look at one web site.

In the calendar month of February, my listings were a search result 111,651 times. Over twenty five hundred times, someone clicked on the detailed view of one of my listings. This is not insignificant. This puts me in position to have a lot of contact with buyers and their agents. When I have that contact, they hear about my clients’ listings.

With this level of exposure, it is also interesting to follow as a data point of activity. That is, online searching is a leading indicator for activity in the market.

Here are the results of the last few months for search results for my listings on just

FEB 2013       111,651

JAN 2013       157,256

DEC 2012       99,921

NOV 2012       26,961

As you can see, activity is high right now. This will be interesting to watch going forward. If you are interested in a conversation about buying or selling real estate in this market, feel free to contact me for a consultation.