First Half 2012 Charlottesville Area Market Reports

The first half of the year is over and most of the data should be on the books. The short story is that this market continues to show signs of stabilization with positive indicators both in the direction of numbers of sales and number of homes on the market. The Nest Report does a great job of comparing Q2 year over year. It also breaks the region down in to areas as well.

Check it out.  Q2 2012 Charlottesville Nest Report

I also like to look at the new home numbers as this segment of the market is a specialty for me. The top 4 builders in this area account for 78% of all new home sales so I took a closer look at the performance of these home builders. I also like to look at contract data vs. closed data and I have run some comparisons on Q1 and Q2 combined and compared year over year.

Check it out. 2012 First Half New Home Stats.

Here is the just released 7/17/12 CAAR Market Report. CAAR Market Report

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions on any of this data.