Avinity and Belvedere Town Home Update

I visited Avinity and Belvedere today and took a quick video to show the progress of the Piedmont Realty and Construction town home offering in both communities.  These two communities both offer the opportunity to live in an Earth Friendly Piedmont town home. httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xuh75ObVAEA

The Components of Piedmont’s Earth Friendly Home Part 2

In the last video, we discussed the structure and how it was insulated. In this video, we talk about what I like to think of as the “engine” of the home.  Piedmont has partnered with Trane for their HVAC equipment. Very important. httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RNEYN_rkcMw

The Components of Piedmont’s Earth Friendly Home Part 1

The conversation regarding energy efficiency and how to improve the Piedmont Realty and Construction  “Earth Friendly” home is on going. Since Piedmont launched in 2009, their offering has improved along the way. (That’s one of the things I like most about working with Piedmont. They are constantly looking to innovate and improve their standard specifications.) […]

Avinity. New Townhomes on Avon Street

There’s a new community just under way in Albemarle County just outside of the city limits of Charlottesville. Its called Avinity and it will feature 100 townhomes located on Avon Street adjacent to Cale Elementary. Site work has started. I visited the site this morning to get a feel for the progress of the site […]

When It Comes to HVAC, One Size Does NOT Fit All

Energy efficiency continues to be a topic that more and more home buyers are discussing.  The way new homes are being built and insulated in order to achieve energy efficiency is an important topic.  In my opinion, when considering a purchase,  energy efficiency may be the #1 reason to consider building a new home. This is […]

Let’s Build a Home Together. Final Walk Through!

After all of the construction is finished, the process culminates with a walk through with the builder to see the home in its finished form, identify any items that need to be completed, and learn about the home and how it operates.  Its hard to describe the feeling one gets when you get to see […]

Let’s Build a Home Together. 12 Weeks in 3 Minutes!

The home is done and the walk through is complete. The new homeowners will move in later this week. Instead of walking through this home and trying to capture it all on video, I’ve decided to post a virtual tour with some quality photography. That happens this week. So if you have been watching this […]

Let’s Build a Home Together Part XI

I’m often asked how long the new home construction process will take, and when I tell people 120 days from contract, many are surprised.  Seeing the progress made on this home in just 1o weeks,  you can start to understand there’s a process and level of supervision that yields a shorter process without sacrificing quality. […]