Buy or Sell

Buy (or sell) with the confidence of a Realtor because I can guide you through any situation.

NOTHING IS CERTAIN IN REAL ESTATE. BUT WHEN YOU WORK WITH ME TO BUY OR SELL YOUR HOME, I’LL BE BY YOUR SIDE TO MITIGATE RISKS AND ASSESS BENEFITS FROM YOUR FIRST TOUR TO CONTRACT TO CLOSE. Don’t burn up brain cells or emotional energy playing the ‘what if?’ game. With the learning experience of more than 1000 local transactions under my belt, I can help you stay ahead of real estate’s inevitable curve balls. Together, we’ll develop a laser-focused strategy that begins with your end goal in mind.

When we incorporate my hands-on understanding of local market psychology and trends, you can expect to receive exactly what you’re looking for.


Achieve the best value for your home.


Never feel confused or stuck.


Find your perfect fit.


Know what I know

FOR BUYERS, this means that we’re going to determine what we think a house is worth despite its listing price. FOR SELLERS, this means will maximize every value aspect available to you.

We’ll gauge a home’s value against your motivation, and I’ll do a detailed analysis of price factors like appraisal method, cost to reproduce, how homes and land may appreciate or depreciate, how lots within developments trade, current inventory, and positioning forecasts.

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If you’re a first-time homebuyer or seller, I’ll walk you through the structure of your contract and all contingencies related to listing or putting a deposit down. I’ll mitigate the risk by structuring smart deals that make sense from contract to close and preparing you for all plausible outcomes.

I can help you evaluate your mortgage, pre-approval, and financing with the highest standards. After years of working with local resource providers, I can also connect you with a trusted advisor on the lending side.

My expertise also includes complex transactions like short sales and foreclosures. (Sometimes, I’ve represented the bank during its sale of foreclosed properties.) Working with an agent that has experience in these types of complicated transactions is vital to your own success because I know how to navigate any pitfalls or roadblocks, no matter how daunting they seem.

You need more than three choices when you’re looking for the perfect home. I work beyond the industry standard model of three comps and an appraisal and come to you with a curated selection of nearby listings I think might appeal. And because my professional network includes builders and other brokers, I often hear about new opportunities before it becomes public knowledge.

More and more homebuyers are looking for the right sized home in the right community. I take the time to get to know you, your family, and your shared needs, then use my market understanding to show you how different properties can provide the right space to fit your budget and lifestyle while still providing accessibility to a neighborhood you love. You’ll understand how each home stacks up in the context of its community. (And yes, that includes communities within communities, like townhomes and single family homes in new or existing developments.)

I love to keep my clients in the loop with real-time updates. I share my MLS (the realtor’s hot sheet) with any client who it effects, so you’ll see price changes, new listings, and whether anything closed, went under contract, or was withdrawn as soon as I do.