“Own the market” and your dreams because I want them for you, too.

YOUR HOME BUYING, SELLING, OR BUILDING PROCESS IS TRULY ALL ABOUT YOU. That’s why i prioritize consistent consistent communication, open conversation, and creating authentic relationships with everyone i meet. I began and built my 18-year career right here in Charlottesville, and I worked very hard to develop one of the strongest professional networks in our area. For many years, I served on the board of Charlottesville Area Association of REALTORS® (CAAR) not because I wanted to be president but because I wanted the perks. Specifically, I wanted the relationships that I knew I could leverage to the benefit of my clients.

Today, I mentor new realtors on topics like energy efficiency, new construction, and successful negotiations. I co-chair the CAAR Home Energy Performance Project Team, working on raising awareness of energy efficiency trends and their impact on our local housing market and the real estate industry among realtors and homeowners alike. I swap ideas with fellow brokers and share forecast insights with builders and developers so we’re able to help each other. I’ve been a part of communities since before the roads existed to after the last home was sold, and along with the people I’ve gotten to know the fiber of the communities as well as the homes themselves.

More than anything, though, I’m proud of the relationships I’ve built with clients throughout the years. Whenever a family benefits from my experience, attention, or insider info—a new MLS, not-yet-public listing, or connections to top-ranked service provider—I feel like I’ve done my job right.

I moved to town after graduating from Virginia Tech in 1992 (yes, I’m a Hokie that loves Charlottesville), and I immediately began working in real estate and development with some family friends.

Over the last 20 years, I’ve worked at every level, from administrative assistant to broker. But while I enjoy the things I’m passionate about within this industry (especially topics in new construction and energy efficiency), I don’t want to manage other brokers. I want to help other people achieve their goals. To me, that’s the most rewarding experience, and it’s really all that matters.

Buying and selling real estate gives me the privilege of entering someone’s life for a brief moment. It’s incredibly personal, and I understand exactly how your family feels because I’ve shared just about every real estate experience with my family, too.

CAAR Honor Society member since 2002

Member of the CAAR Board of Directors 2001-2011

CAAR President 2010

CAAR President’s Award 2002 and 2007

CAAR Sales Associate of the Year 2010

Virginia Association of REALTORS Leadership Academy 2008 Graduate

In 2009, the thermonuclear winter of the recession, I had a home for sale in an upscale community called Glenmore. The new associate head coach of the UVA’s men’s basketball program bought my home and asked me to be out in 28 days.

When I work with sellers, they’re often focused on what we’ll do if the house doesn’t sell. I tend to ask, “What will you do when I sell it next week?”

We were looking at the real estate market, but in 2009 the market hadn’t fully corrected and we knew there was downward pressure on pricing. After trying to spend the time trying to find something that worked for us, the values weren’t right.

So we took a side step and rented for a year.

In that time, we decided where we wanted to live, and we decided we wanted to build. But the climate made it too difficult to get the home started and finished before our lease was up, so even though we’d identified and purchased a lot in foreclosure, we had to move a second time—this time into an apartment with 25% of our stuff and the rest in storage. Then we contracted with a builder and got the home built.

I often tell people this when they’re about to embark on their own journeys. We are so happy that we took the time to get what we really wanted. We’ve already forgotten about that year and a half where we’ve moved twice. The reward of getting what we wanted we’re reminded of every day.

The funniest part is that although my wife are habitual buyers and sellers—we’re done it all, bought and sold and built and even added solar panels—we got it so right this time, we can’t move. We have to stay because we’ve fallen in love with our neighbors.

Ultimately, that’s the real estate dream, the one we didn’t know we craved. A strong community as well as a house that was designed specifically for us.

I’d love to know what dreams you have for your home and how I can help you achieve them.

Give me a call at 434-981-6655.